From Training to Placements


MEGA CI is a leading Skills and Talent Development Institute, that is building a manpower pool for Delhi-NCR industry requirements. MEGA CI offers training and development solutions to Individuals, Enterprises and Institutions. 

From Training to Placements


MEGA CI is a leading Skills and Talent Development Institute, that is building a manpower pool for Delhi-NCR industry requirements. MEGA CI offers training and development solutions to Individuals, Enterprises and Institutions. 

Banking and Finance

  • A fast-track into an investment banking operations career guaranteed.
  • Best-fit for learners with under three years of experience.
  • 180+ hour industry endorsed program in partnership with the London Stock Exchange
  • Fast-track into a banking and wealth management career, guaranteed.
  • Best-fit for wealth management aspirants with up to 3 years of experience.
  • Get ahead with 1 IRDA and 4 NISM certifications, included.

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    Professional Certificate in Banking & financial

    PCBF (Live Online / Offiline)


    • 150+ Hourse of live training
    • Soft skills and Cv Building .
    • Interview preparation and Placement Assistance.
    • Detailed study material.
    • Passinate educator.
    • 24*7 Support for Doubt Clearing.
    • Prepare for IRDA & NISM CERTIFICATION.


    • A,, or similar Qualification*.
    • Graduate with a depire to work in BFSI Industry.
    • BFSI Professional in Bank & NBFC’ S , STOCK MARKET, AND Insurance.

    MEGA ACADEMY is a professional institution

    Banking and Finance Course in Indirapuram

    Engaged in providing BFSI Training to Individual institution and corporater our certificate programe have been designed after in debth research by BFSI Professional having year of experience at Top class BFSI Companies.

    A solid combination of on job and academic Training experience help our trainers to provide a 360 overview of the subject to the audience.

    • PCBF Have become one the month sought-after SKILLS For BFSI PROFESSIONAL
    • PCBG Program provide Imegir training and Prepare for corporate and BFSI Sector.
    • After successful completion, candidate car make their career in Banking, NBFC ,STOCK MARKET INSURANCE among other.
    • Suitable for candidate pursuing or Completed Graduation.

    Day wise class schedule:

    • MS Excel basics.
    • MS Excel Intermediate.
    • MS Excel Intermediate to Advanced.
    • Excel chart / DASH BOARD / VBA / macros.
    • Introduction to piteh Book / powerpoint Training.
    • Soft SKILLS Training and cv Building
    • Money*Banking System
    • Financial Institution & Capital
    • Information Technology.
    • Equity Derivatives
    • Introduction of Banking Law
    • Introduction of technical
    • Banking software and Data
    • Forex in banking & FINANCE
    • CURRENCY Derivatives’
    • Personality Development & Soft SKILL

    Project work and Assessment :-

    • Assessment Test :- There will be an assessment test for Program completion certificate.
    • Project work:- part classroom senior, candidate are asked to complete and integrated Project covering all the training aspect of Program ( Duration -1 weak )
    • Outcome :- Training will help candidate get the hold of the concept and mate the ready for facing interview.


    Banking and Finance Course in Vaishali

    This 180-hours long power packed Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional (CIBOP) course fully equips you with the skill-sets required to begin a career in investment banking operations, treasury & clearing services. Your only responsibility is to learn, we do the rest.

    Learn Job-Relevant Skills

    Get an in-depth understanding of complex securities and derivative products, their trade-lifecycles and the functions within investment banking operations.

    Get Hired

    Our program comes with a job guarantee! With over 8000+ placements completed with 60% salary hikes, get extensive career support to launch your investment banking career.

    Gain Industry Certifications

    Armed with the CIBOP certificate endorsed by the London Stock Exchange, you will find Imarticans working in most global investment banks and Also NISM & IRDA!

    Learn Live

    Live facilitated instruction is proven to provide the best student outcomes. Make the most of your investment, and learn from the best in our state-of- the-art classrooms across India.

    360-degree learning

    • Practical Learning
      We include trading simulations and case studies to make sure that your learning is practical.
    • Industry-Aligned Curriculum
      Our investment banking course covers complex securities, derivative products along with their trading lifecycles and functions.

    Tech-enabled learning

    • Learning Management Systems
      We ensure that learning continues even outside of classroom sessions, you are given access to our seamless, online LMS.
    • Tech-Aided
      The use of internal and external technology allows you to engage with your coursework and keep track of reading material.

    Career services

      • Placement Assurance
        Our Career Assistance Team guides you through the placement process by providing industry tips. Their support runs from the start of your resume building till the end of your interview preparation.
      • Skill Building
        Along with domain-specific knowledge empowerment, we ensure that you will build on soft skills to help you communicate and present your ideas cohesively.

    Industry connect

      • Industry-Endorsed Curriculum
        Holistic, well- rounded and practical curriculum designed by industry experts with exclusive access to content from London Stock Exchange.
      • Networking Opportunities
        Connect with industry experts and alumni of our previous courses to further your learning and maximize your opportunities.


    Upon completing the CIBOP course and related assignments, you will receive an industry-recognized, internationally accredited Certificate of Excellence. Additionally, you can also take up the CISI certification (CISI IOC) exam

    Banking and Finance Course in Indirapuram

    You will also get certified by the NISM and IRDA as part of this program.

    • NISM Series V A – Mutual Fund Distribution
    • NISM Series VI – Depository Operations
    • NISM Series VIII – Equity Derivatives
    • NISM Series X A – Investment Adviser

    IRDA Certification – Insurance Sales


    Through real-world scenarios, trading simulations and hands-on assignments, you will understand the industry more cohesively and practically, with an ability to contribute to the workplace from day one.

    Case Studies

    Get an in-depth understanding of complex securities and derivative products, their trade-lifecycles and the functions within investment banking operations.

    In-class Simulations

    Go beyond traditional rote learning through the use of simulations that replicate challenges faced by the industry.

    Assessments and Teach-backs

    Assignments, tests and quizzes internalize key concepts, while teach-back sessions demonstrate accuracy of knowledge.

    Industry Interactions

    Make presentations on real-life events, and understand how market dynamics affect financial markets. Attend guest lectures from industry experts to reinforce your theoretical learning.


    You learn, we place. Successfully make the transition in your career with 400+ partnerships with top-tier hiring firms in the banking and finance industry.

    Apart from access to our placement portal, all available leads and references from networks, you will also get up to five assured interviews with leading firms in the banking and finance sector with our placement assurance program.
    Our CAS team will advise you on how to bolster your portfolio with courses or other projects to impress interviewers and land the job of your dreams.

    Career Services

    Our expert team will work with you to not just polish your existing CVs but update them to highlight your achievements helping you land positions in top-tier firms.
    We will prepare you to face both HR as well as technical selection stages of interview scenarios. Along with basic to advanced model interview question and answer sessions, you will be exposed to one-on-one mock interviews as well as panel interviews led by industry veterans.

    Placement Partners

    Why do we need banking and Finacnce

    Banking and Finance investigates the dynamic, high speed universe of cash, offers, credit and ventures. Finance is a fundamental piece of our economy as it gives the liquidity as far as cash or resources expected for people and organizations to contribute for what’s in store.

    At the point when you decide to study Banking and Finance you will investigate the systemised development and the executives of cash. In firms, the money capability guarantees that exercises are supported with value or obligation and the organizations can picked esteem upgrading project and oversee incomes, chance and liquidity in light of a legitimate concern for their partners. Monetary business sectors are vital and understanding the valuing of resources and subordinate protections is fundamental.

    Monetary go-betweens, for example, banks are central participants in these monetary business sectors. Banking is likewise a worldwide industry with north of 60 banks working across Australia and great many establishments and venture houses across the world managing cash dissemination, credit, speculations, supporting, superannuation and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Finance is constantly changing which makes this subject an entrancing region to study.

    What are the career options in Banking and Finance Course in Noida?

    Corporate Finance
    A profession in corporate money incorporates occupations like monetary examiner, cost expert, financial officer or a business improvement profile. Valuable open doors in corporate money are accessible in all sizes of association.

    Venture Banking
    A venture financier manages financial backers for the acquisition of protections, giving monetary guidance to partnerships and HNIs, giving of corporate protections and so on.

    Business Banking
    Business banks serve enormous associations, little organizations and, surprisingly, the overall population. A portion of the standard work jobs in business banks are Loan Officer, Branch Manager, Bank Teller, Programmer and Trust Officer.

    Project Finance
    Project finance helps associations in guaging and organizing the task finance bargains while alleviating the innate dangers that are related with the venture.

    Risk Management
    This is tied in with forming methodologies through precise estimating and assessment of monetary dangers to keep away from or limit their adverse consequence on the business.

    Confidential Equity
    Capital for extension as well as the running of regular tasks is a need of each and every business, and as a Private Equity proficient, you will assist your organization with getting that capital.
    You will likewise oversee speculations assets or arrangement of privately owned businesses: perform a reasonable level of effort, monetary demonstrating and valuation of the organizations where financial backers will contribute.

    Value Research
    As an Equity Research Analyst, you will read up stocks and values with the end goal of speculations, prompting clients about which organizations are best for venture, helping both individual financial backers and merchants.

    Financial backers – Helping them choose the organizations to put resources into.

    Dealers – Guiding them on when to enter and leave the market.

    Most experts utilize the information and experience they gain in their prior tasks to better their positions and fit their inclinations. Your advancement relies upon your readiness and ability to investigate different vocation ways.

    What are the best banking and finance jobs?

    1. Monetary Analyst
    As a monetary investigator, you assist organizations or people with settling on venture choices. Commonly, you really want essentially a four year certification to begin in this field, however a few bosses might favor a graduate degree. You might have to procure a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification to fit the bill for some monetary examiner positions.

    Pay: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), monetary examiners procure a middle yearly compensation of $85,660.1

    2. Individual Financial Adviser
    Individual monetary counsels assist people with dealing with their cash to meet their short-and long haul objectives. From anticipating retirement to sorting out some way to pay for school, guides recognize various choices and assist people with taking full advantage of their cash, like through exceptional expense exclusions or motivators.

    You’ll require at least a four year college education, and it assists with having taken courses in money, bookkeeping, and financial matters.

    Compensation: Per the BLS, individual monetary guides procure a middle yearly compensation of $87,850.2

    3. Relationship Manager
    These experts create and keep up with client connections. They should have strong information on the bank’s items and administrations and have the option to pass the advantages of these contributions on to potential and current clients. Normally, this occupation requires a four year college education, albeit a few foundations might think about competitors with a secondary school recognition and experience or related coursework.

    Pay: Per PayScale, relationship chiefs in the financial business acquire a typical yearly compensation of $83,574.3

    4. Bookkeeper
    Quite possibly of the most notable monetary position, bookkeepers break down, plan, and assess operational expense and pay. Numerous bookkeepers have a four year certification in particular, however a graduate degree is valuable, as well. You may likewise have to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) test, particularly to work for a public bookkeeping firm.

    Pay: According to the BLS, bookkeepers procure a middle yearly compensation of $71,550.4

    5. Reviewer
    Inspectors survey bookkeeping records, guaranteeing precision and consistence with guidelines and state and government regulations. Ordinarily, evaluators can begin in this field with a four year certification, albeit some might decide to become Certified Bank Auditors (CBA) by finishing a four-section numerous decision test throughout three years.

    Compensation: According to the BLS, bookkeepers procure a middle yearly compensation of $71,550.4

    6. Branch Manager
    Branch directors manage activities, including recruiting and preparing staff. Ordinarily, branch supervisors put forth deals objectives and deal with the branch’s spending plan.

    Effective branch supervisors have brilliant client assistance, hierarchical, and relational abilities.

    To get everything rolling in this work, you will probably require a four year certification and you might have to finish series 6 or 7 tests managed by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).5

    Compensation: PayScale reports6 that branch directors procure a typical yearly compensation of $59,185.

    7. Advance Officer
    Advance officials help individuals distinguish and apply for credits, from home loans to individual advances. They assess the applicants’ work history, pay, and generally financial soundness. Credit officials commonly have a foundation and training in money or financial matters. Being a credit official is an extraordinary vocation decision in the event that you like working with individuals.

    Pay: According to the BLS, credit officials procure a middle yearly compensation of $63,270.7

    8. Authority
    While gatherers will quite often get a terrible standing, they assume a vital part for organizations. They oversee records and monitor bills and endeavor to gather on past due solicitations. Numerous gatherer positions require only a secondary school certificate, however a four year college education is gladly received.

    Pay: PayScale reports that authorities procure a typical yearly compensation of $40,202.8

    9. Bank employee
    Bank employees are normally the principal individual a client sees their financial business. Bank employees cash checks, acknowledge stores, and interaction account withdrawals. Most bank employees have a secondary school certificate however holding a partner’s or alternately four year college education can be useful for those bank employees who need to climb in the positions to turn into a credit official, individual broker, or bank director occupations.

    Compensation: According to the BLS, bank employees procure a middle yearly compensation of $31,230.9

    10. Financial officer
    Financial officers deal with an association’s funds, targets, and objectives. They keep up with the association’s spending plan and regulate speculation procedures and significant consumptions. Most financier positions require postgraduate educations, like an expert’s or Ph.D. Additionally, having other banking and back accreditations can be useful.

    Pay: PayScale reports that financiers procure a typical yearly compensation of $86,955.

    Who are the highest paid Bankers in India?

    HDFC Bank’s Aditya Puri came right on top of the most generously compensated financiers in India for FY20 with a 38 percent bounce in compensation and perquisites to Rs 18.92 crore.

    The financier procured an extra Rs 161.56 cr by practicing investment opportunities. Last year he had acquired Rs 42.2 crore by practicing investment opportunities. He is set to resign in October this year.

    ICICI bank’s Sandeep Bakhshi arisen as the second most generously compensated financier in India for FY20 with gross profit of Rs 6.31 crore. He had acquired Rs 4.90 crore in FY19.

    Pivot Bank MD Amitabh Chaudhry is right underneath ICICI manager concerning profit. He was paid Rs 6.01 crore for FY20 contrasted with Rs 1.27 crore for most recent three months of FY19.

    Asia’s most extravagant investor, Uday Kotak, brought back home Rs 2.97 crore, down 18% from FY19 when he procured Rs 3.52 crore. Kotak Mahindra Bank had declared a cut of 10% for the individuals who procured above Rs 25 lakh a year from May 2020 onwards.